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Bob Simpson MLA: Does BC Still Have a Climate Change Agenda?

There’s a certain irony that the NDP leadership candidates have committed to continue with BC’s carbon tax, while it’s uncertain what the new Premier is going to do with the tax. Or, her predecessor’s entire climate change agenda for that [...]

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The BC Green Liberals endorse George Abbott

There was some discussion on Twitter today about the BC Green Liberals. Proving that the BC Liberal Party is turning into a very very big tent,

Poll finds Clark popular Liberal leader choice (in Election Central)

Former cabinet minister and on-leave radio talk show host Christy Clark remains the candidate for the B.C. Liberal leadership most popular with the public, according to an Ipsos

Abbott ‘honoured’ to have Heed’s support (in Election Central)

British Columbia Liberal leadership candidate George Abbott says he's happy to have former Solicitor General Kash Heed's endorsement, despite the reported new findings of a police investigation into

BC Liberal leadership candidates all support HST (in BC Politics)

All six Liberal leadership candidates say they support the HST, as they lay out their plans for the province's future for business leaders.

A BC Liberal cocktail hour for contenders for King Gordon’s crown

Build 2030 brought nearly a thousand BC Liberals to the Hyatt last night for an event that served up five candidates.


Falcon’s merit pay unlikely to produce better teachers

Research on human motivation shows extrinsic rewards, such as money in the proposed merit pay system, often backfire.


Delta School Board chair supports Falcon’s teacher incentive program (in Education)

Kevin Falcon’s merit pay proposal for teachers has been met with much derision, but it’s found at least one fan in Delta School Board Chair Dale Saip.

Public won’t support political use of recall: Falcon (in Election Central)

Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon says he knows from experience the public won't support recall being used to refight an election or batter the government.

Merit pay for teachers is problematic, says former deputy minister of education (in Education)

Charles Ungerleider believes Kevin Falcon deserves credit for caring about the province’s education system by suggesting a merit pay system for teachers, even if the former deputy minister

Clark, Farnworth frontrunners in leadership races: Poll (in BC Politics)

An Angus Reid poll, issued today, shows Christy Clark the favourite in the Liberal leadership race, while Mike Farnworth is the preferred candidate among New Democrats. As well,

Falcon flies over farmland

Here’s Kevin Falcon pitching his idea for late-night SkyTrain service on Thursday. His campaign slogans include “854″ which is the sum of area codes 604 and 250, and

Getting at the grassroots

B.C. Liberal leadership candidate Mike de Jong likes rival Christy Clark’s idea to return to annual party conventions. De Jong stopped by the press gallery today on his

Quick hits

Two Liberal leadership candidates failed to uphold health law: Dix (in BC Politics)

The British Columbia government is yet to seek a warrant so it can conduct its audit into Brian Day's private surgery clinic.

Christy Clark is in the race, and proves to be formidable immediately

Christy Clark had a very powerful and impressive performance this morning.

A few thoughts from Christy Clark’s announcement from this morning:

  • Her campaigns theme as someone who has escaped

Christy Clark to announce within days; campaign pulls in top Coleman operative

Christy Clark is expected to formally enter the leadership race Tuesday or Wednesday.

Christy Clark was poised to enter the leadership race either Tuesday or Wednesday, although after

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