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Hey, Vancouver, meet Marcus Purnell. Again.

WinterPRIDE starts this Sunday!read more

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Gay marriage in Canada celebrates its tenth anniversary

Same-sex weddings are now frequent in Canada, and after ten years the numbers continue to climb.


Why I wrote “Jesus was a Fag”

Hello. My name is Jaimie. I live in East Van. I’m formerly religious, and presently queer, and I wrote a song about it. The Vancouver Observer very graciously

Maybe Jesus was gay

A controversial song performed at a Commercial Drive eatery is causing quite a stir.


Getting your straight buddies to play ‘gay chicken’

When two students asked Eric Anderson, a sociology lecturer, if he had heard of the game "gay chicken," he shook his head. "I had no clue what

The year in GAY news

In 2010, we saw public displays of homophobia and public displays of affection.


Top trends of 2010

Find out what Canadian Ryan Reynolds did to make the list. Hint: it wasn't being voted "World's Sexiest Man."


Gay rugby star’s story to be made into Hollywood film

Gareth Thomas is excited about the prospects of a feature film to be made about his life, stating that his story could help 'millions'.


Hunks flaunt brawn and beauty in best calendars of 2011

Even in their fluffy, pink robes, the French rugby boys are looking fine.


Gay men who came out in 2010

Ricky even wrote a book about it!


Now some bitch wants to reclaim the rainbow

Can you believe that these right wingers think they can steal the rainbow from us GAYS?


This week in gay news

Gay-hate on the rise in Africa and some idiot pissed all over the LGBT books at a Harvard Library. I'm not impressed.


World AIDS Day

It's World AIDS Day- Has there been ANY improvement over the last year?


Make the Yuletide gay! This weekend’s sure fire hits

It's the last weekend of November kids...lots of events going on to help get you into the spirit of the season. First off, I'm heading to the fabulous

Access to sex reassignment surgery jeopardized

Last week Conservative Public Safety Minister Vic Toews instructed the Correctional Service of Canada to stop performing sex reassignment surgery for transgender federal inmates, at least four...


Linking successful gay activism with sex-trade workers’ fight for justice

Supporting reform for improved working conditions for sex-trade workers carries a major social stigma. This is a look at the sex worker's movement in Victoria and potential

Men’s fall fashion that works

The rain is here. Do your part to look your best, no matter how wet and cold it gets.


Queer community gathers at one of city’s hippest hair salons

So you’re new in town and want to find out what’s hip and cool in the queer scene in Vancouver? Start by checking out Zoho Salon & Lock Shop

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