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Humbled Liberals Could Lead on Policy

The final week of the 41st general election found me in Toronto, volunteering on the re-election campaign of my former employer, the Honourable Ken Dryden, in his York Centre constituency. Like so many intelligent, honest, and hardworking Liberal MPs, Ken [...]

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On Partisanship and Democracy

Federal elections are a difficult time for Canada's political leaders to set priorities. Not all issues can be addressed, some policies will remain the same, and others will


Since when did Coalition become such a dirty word?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s relentless fear mongering over the idea of a coalition government seems to reflect his belief that if you repeat something long and loud


Will this Election Bring Real Change?

Another federal election has been finally been called. This will be Canada's fourth in seven years. We all suspected this was coming. There could be no other reason that

The Michael Ignatieff I know

The latest Conservative attack ads are a ridiculous caricature of the man I know.


Michael Ignatieff: an intellectual powerhouse in plain folks clothing

Town Hall attendance scorecard: Michael Ignatieff 17, Stephen Harper 0.


Ignatieff in West Vancouver

Michael Ignatieff answered questions and explained Federal Liberal policy at a packed event tonight in West Vancouver hosted by Daniel Veniez, a candidate for MP.  In first photograph,

Sponsorship scandal: time to exorcise the demons

For years, there’s been an elephant in the room of the Liberal Party of Canada. It’s called the Sponsorship Scandal. Ten years and two major election defeats

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