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More historic SkyTrain photos from Alan M

A couple of interesting SkyTrain ads! Photo by Alan M.
SkyTrain’s 25th anniversary celebration continues online!
After providing such a wonderful flashback to SkyTrain in 1986, Alan M has sent along some more photos of SkyTrain in its early years.

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SkyTrain historic photos: Princess Diana visits SkyTrain and more

Princess Diana and Prince Charles at Patterson Station. Photo dated May 6, 1986. Click for a much larger version!

Prince Charles and Princess Diana with

SkyTrain history tidbits: memorabilia!

The certificate given out for riding the prebuild, Main Street SkyTrain demonstration line! Scan kindly provided by Rob Chew.

SkyTrain tickets from 1983, 1986, and 1996!

Video: Going To Town, the 1985 SkyTrain project documentary

The Going To Town article in the fall 1985 Vancouver Regional Rapid Transit Quarterly magazine. Click the picture to

1986 SkyTrain photos from Alan M

SkyTrain racing through the Expo 86 grounds. Photo by Alan M.

Note: I’m still on holiday until Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011! This is a scheduled post. (Visit

SkyTrain 25th anniversary interview on CBC

CBC did an interview for SkyTrain's 25th with Ian Graham, operations manager for SkyTrain's Expo/Millennium Line, and Kyla Daman-Willems, marketing supervisor for West Coast Express!

In case you

Video: a quick clip of the SkyTrain zooming through Expo 86

Another item in our 25th anniversary flashback series! Here’s a quick clip of SkyTrain zooming through the Expo 86 grounds, courtesy

SkyTrain turns 25 years old on December 11, 2010!

SkyTrain bursts through a banner on its very first day in service: Dec 11, 1985!

The caption from the Quarterly magazine: Premier Bill Bennett and

Donate blankets at SkyTrain stations for Blanket BC’s Drive on the Line, Fri Nov 26

It’s the Blanket BC Society’s second annual Drive on the Line campaign this Friday, November 26, 2010!

Feel free to bring your clean, warm blankets to select

Pedestrians are an afterthought for Vancouver politicos

Over 30 pedestrians have died each year on Vancouver's streets

It's a little known fact, but pedestrians are actually the official number one priority (check out

New Westminster uses density to renew core

A slideshow of New Westminster's changing downtown

It's been almost a decade since I moved to the historic neighbourhood of Queens Park in New Westminster. My wife

Translink wants you to help plan Greater Vancouver

A few minutes early to Translink’s breakfast for bloggers, I listened to the planners compare the public transportation tours in different cities. The Chicago transit tour

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