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EVENT: National Day of Action for Electoral Reform

On one of my favourite photoblogs Elastic Novice, I came across this image by Meggan Gould. From her “Blackboards” series, it included the following passage: “Layers of communication and time build up, accumulate, and are systematically obliterated.”
I thought it an [...]

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On Partisanship and Democracy

Federal elections are a difficult time for Canada's political leaders to set priorities. Not all issues can be addressed, some policies will remain the same, and others will

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Is Something Happening to Canada’s Democracy?

Well, after almost one week, I think it's safe to say that the 2011 federal election truly reflects the disconnect between Canadians and the political parties. This week's


Since when did Coalition become such a dirty word?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s relentless fear mongering over the idea of a coalition government seems to reflect his belief that if you repeat something long and loud


Will this Election Bring Real Change?

Another federal election has been finally been called. This will be Canada's fourth in seven years. We all suspected this was coming. There could be no other reason that

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A take on Harper’s game: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s response to the two rulings of breached parliamentary privilege by the Conservative government was unexpected, unsettling, and infuriating. My initial reaction of outrage was

The Canadian Senate

Best Senate Ever

Jack Layton is weighing in on Senate reform (again) today. What he's doing, as election speculation turns to certainty, is reminding Canadians that Stephen Harper and

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Usage Based Billing and Pre-Emptive Electioneering

When news broke a few weeks ago of the federal Conservatives’ decision to overturn a recent CRTC ruling that allowed major telecom companies to impose usage-based billing

Tahrir Square photo courtesy CBC News.

Public Broadcasting and the Power of Definition: How Canada Can Learn From Egypt

On Friday, February 10, 2011, the world’s eyes were fixed firmly on Egypt. A news bulletin early in the day had announced that Hosni Mubarak would

Harper’s government of waning hope

On Sunday, to mark the fifth anniversary of his reign, Stephen Harper said that his Conservative government has governed on "hope". Surely, Mr. Harper

The Michael Ignatieff I know

The latest Conservative attack ads are a ridiculous caricature of the man I know.


Michael Ignatieff: an intellectual powerhouse in plain folks clothing

Town Hall attendance scorecard: Michael Ignatieff 17, Stephen Harper 0.


Sponsorship scandal: time to exorcise the demons

For years, there’s been an elephant in the room of the Liberal Party of Canada. It’s called the Sponsorship Scandal. Ten years and two major election defeats

Not in Canada

The assassination attempt on Representative Gabrielle Giffords and the tragedy of the Arizona massacre is prompting soul-searching among the US political and pundit class about how

Stephen Harper calls oil sands ‘ethical’ (in Federal Politics)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended the Alberta oil sands Friday as an “ethical” source of energy that creates important job growth.

His remarks are essentially identical to those

Liberals vs. Liberals

Today, the Prime Minister stated that more Canadians are working today than before the global economic crisis hit.

Dalton McGuinty’s Chief of Staff on Twitter:

Did you know Ontario

Don’t be duped. The Conservatives are not good for the economy.

An online poll released today by Ipsos Reid says that the Harper Conservatives continue to be viewed by people as “competent managers of the economy.”


Stephen Harper is the gift that keeps on giving

To call Stephen Harper a flip-flopper is an insult and affront to civilization’s great flip-floppers. He plays the Canadian people like Yo-Yo Ma plays his Stradivarius.


Liberal MP tables new attempt at BC tanker ban (in Federal Politics)

Federal opposition parties passed a non-binding resolution banning crude oil tanker traffic on B.C.’s north coast last week. Now a private member’s bill aims to move beyond symbolism.

Human rights not a right for all, even in Canada

Three years ago Canada was featured as an "offending country" as reported by the UN Human Rights Commission magazine, Refugees.


Ethical Oil author lobbied for big tobacco company (in Environment)

The author of a controversial book promoting Alberta’s oil sands is a former tobacco lobbyist, records show.

Remembering the lessons of Polytechnique

Twenty one years ago today, I was studying at McGill University. On that day I vividly recall twenty or so of us watching Radio Canada’s

Walking and chewing gum at the same time

In a speech in Toronto yesterday, Bob Rae, the Liberal party of Canada’s foreign affairs critic, ripped into Stephen Harper’s foreign policy as simplistic and

Senate kills climate-change bill ahead of UN talks in Mexico (in Environment)

Opposition MPs and environmental activists say Canada is going into global-warming talks empty-handed after a majority of Conservative senators voted down a climate-change bill.

NDP Leader Jack Layton, whose

Government violates charter by denying citizenship to Lost Canadians, says Don Chapman

Citizenship activist Chapman to appear on "In Discussion" at 3 p.m. today with David Gibbons along with Jackie Scott, Jan Makins & Ian Munro.


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