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“Dear Lord, please let it be Adrian Dix”

A BC Liberal prays that the NDP choose Adrian Dix as leaderJust prior to the BC NDP deadline for leadership candidates, Vancouver-Kingsway MLA Adrian Dix took the stage within a public school to announce he was adding his name to the list of candidate…

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MacDiarmid not fooling anyone

Wrong-way Corrigan, of US football fame, has nothing on Margaret MacDiarmid. Recently, Premier Campbell reinstated MacDiarmid as BC’s education minister, after her newly-appointed predecessor George...


Vision decides to make no decision on school closures

A VSB poll shows the public prefers closures over program & staff cuts – photo: Wikimedia Commons

In what has become a surprisingly common practice by Vision Vancouver-led governments,

Adios, Minister MacDiarmid

In her brief stay as education minister, MacDiarmid was well on her way to becoming one of the most unpopular ministers in the Campbell government.


In open letter to the Premier, APPLE BC says education promise is ‘totally unrealistic’

Advocacy group APPLE BC outlines exactly what the Premier committed to when he said that all Grade 4 students in BC will be reading and writing at a

No money for schools? Then conduct a $25,000 poll!

Ipsos-Reid landed the $25,000 VSB School Survey contract to poll 18-34 year olds

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