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Envision the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan

An interview with a city sustainability more

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BC’s water to be sold to the highest bidder?

Water on the auction block? Recently announced plans could open "water markets" in BC.


The food (and water) crisis

The last time food prices were this high, demonstrations broke out in developing countries around the world. What's really behind the recent increase?


Water under the bridge: developments in 2010

In 2010, the City of Vancouver finally reversed the 1990s program of removing drinking water fountains. Permanent water fountains popped up and the City set up a number of temporary

Neighbourhood group wins fight against infrastructure expansion (in Municipal Politics)

A water project championed by Conservative cabinet minister Gary Lunn has been defeated, according to members of the neighbourhood association that opposed the expansion.

The world’s most precious resource

Water – we drink it, bathe in it, clean with it and use it to grow our food. But there is a huge gap between the public’s concern

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